Dr. Raghoji Kidney Hospital, Solapur (Maharashtra) is successfully running since last 27 years. This hospital has got state of art equipment right from Holmium Laser, Two Dornier Alpha Lithotripter, Urodynamic Lab, fully equipped endoscopic gadgets including Flexible Fiber optic for RIRS and Transplant set up.

Dr. Raghoji Vijaykumar MS (Sur) Mch (Uro) is working since 27 years with track record of having 15000 TUR – P, 10000 URS, 10000 Lithotripsy, 3000 VIU and 3000 PCNL along with variety of open surgeries related to Genito – Urinary system.

We have got full back up facilities of Nephrology working under the leadership of Dr. Anand Malu MD (Med) DNB (Nephrology) doing 100 to 150 Hemo – Dialysis per month with 8 – 10 Kidney Biopies.

Dr. Raghoji Kidney Hospital has a unique feature of running ‘MOBILE LITHOTRIPSY VAN’ which covers Maharashtra, Karnataka and Andrapradesh, which is first of its kind in Maharashtra probably may be in India. We have done nearly 10000 cases since 2001.

This hospital has done lots of social services which includes Quarterly camps in Solapur and out side also, where in they do X-ray’s, USG, Biochemical investigation at free of cost and therapy (Lithotripsy) at 50% of routine cost. This being social commitment which has also taken care of.

Now with the courtesy from RANBAXY UROLOGY DIVISION, we are coming out with unique idea of ‘Starting Observer Post’ for final year Mch (Uro) and DNB (Uro) candidate and junior consultant. Those who are interested should go through the following sites for the details.
Ranbaxy Urology Division.
Uroeducation site.

Ranbaxy Urology Division is going to sponsor their stay and travel arrangement for those people who are interested, as this comes in the category of ‘URO EDUCATION’.

Raghoji Kidney Hospital in conducting monthly ‘PCNL’ work shop every month on weekends, where in we are performing 10 – 15 PCNL’S per month (usually these are done on weekends). Dates of such monthly workshop will be informed well in advance to Ranbaxy Urology Division website, Our Website and Uroeducation cell.

Monthly PCNL workshop will be done under the able guidance of Dr. Prashant Patnaik MS, MCh of Mumbai, as every body is aware about the reputation of Dr. Prashant Patnaik in the field of endo urology and more so in PCNL. He has consented for such uro educational activities.

This is our humble attempt to propgate the knowledge and operative skill and pass on this benefit to needy urologist who want to learn this tricky and skill full procedure.

We are expecting two persons (one as final year post graduate and other is consultant) they are taken on First – come – First basis only.
Anticipating good cooperation and a word of gratitude form Raghoji Kidney Hospital to RANBAXY UROLOGY DIVISION for promoting such educational activities.
(Note – Details of sponsorship from Ranbaxy Urology Division will be noted on their web site.)

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